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The True Meanings of Halloween

Halloween is ancient and well-known in Earth-based Spiritual Paths as a divine honoring of our ancestors. Enjoy the insights and music.

Now What?: Thoughts on Transitions

We are just now beginning to articulate the ways in which the Covid pandemic has impacted individual lives and the foundations of our institutions. The effect on religious institutions has been profound. How might we re-imagine our 21st-century Unitarian Universalist communities with optimism and a … read more.

Organizing for Health Equity

Hot weather is happening and Charlotte County is moving to the height of hurricane season. How can communities and individuals be empowered? Rev Bob Murphy will speak about health equity in Florida. He recently spoke at the national convention of Unitarian Universalists on this … read more.

Heal our Harbor

Second Sunday – Heal Our Harbor is a non-profit organization of people actively monitoring Charlotte Harbor and the water quality of the rivers feeding it – the Peace River and the Myakka River. We will hear details about their work and the quality of … read more.