You may already be familiar with Unitarian Universalism. If you have participated in other UU congregations, we welcome the ideas and experiences you bring. If you are new to this faith tradition, our welcome to you is just as sincere. You may have noticed that we are an inclusive faith community, welcoming all. We believe every person has the right and responsibility to pursue their own personal spiritual path in a loving community.

Should you like to know more, we invite you to consider attending one of our “Who Are UU?” information classes. Please talk to our office (uufcc1@yahoo.com), for more information. It aims to familiarize newcomers with the history and practices of our congregation.

We encourage you to just visit with us as often as you can to get an idea of whether this might be a spiritual home for you. We would also enjoy the opportunity to get to know you better. We find the varied background of our members and friends are what make this such an exciting and inviting place.

The benefits of membership include the complete ownership of your church community and the privilege of making decisions that affect that community.

The obligations of membership include making a contribution when you can and showing up when you are able.

When you are ready to join us, ask the Membership Committee to sign the membership book.

Contact the office (office@uufcc.org/) about becoming a member.