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  • The Five Jagged Rocks of Unitarian Universalism

    Speaker: Patrick Eaton

    Unitarian Universalists rely on a broad range of sources for inspiration. The five jagged rocks recognize a faith that is dangerous and not always smooth-going. Our stones are jagged because we aren’t perfect. This sermon gathers wisdom from UU ministers and lay … read more.

Living Our Values

Our Highlighted Committee

Social Justice Committee shows scales with Support, Assistance, Respect, Education & Empathy
Social Justice. It is in short supply in so many venues. Once a month we (everyone is always welcome!) come together to talk about the different ways we can spread and support social justice within our community and others nearby. We have made sandwiches for homeless kids, collected toiletries and foodstuffs for those in need, learned about the situations in other communities, such as the Immokalee Farm Workers, brought in speakers to broaden our understanding of social issues, and raised money to help. Our Fellowship’s generosity is an ongoing object of pride. All newbies and long-timers are invited to participate in our activities. Zoom hasn’t stopped us and perhaps made it easier to have these most worthwhile conversations. Our meetings are on the Second Sunday of each month, at noon, after our congregational conversation. For more information…

Our Once-A-Month Featured 2nd Helping

Once a month we have an additional opportunity to donate to a specific need. At this time of Covid-19 unemployment, the 2nd Helping will go to the Harry Chapin Food Bank, CHAPS, and Meals on Wheels.  How to Give to the 2nd Helping   We have donated thousands of dollars to these three groups.
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