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  • Thanksgiving Revisited

    Thanksgiving is a much-loved holiday to some and a painful reminder of colonization and loss to others. Let’s revisit this time and get a new perspective.

    Speaker: Rev Bob Murphy

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Our Highlighted Committee

Immigration Justice Committee (IJC)   IJC members have been busy lately and continue to have opportunities for you to support immigrants in our community. The Immigration Justice Committee is busy with lots of projects – aimed to support immigrants in our community.  Join us!
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English Language Tutors in Charlotte County schools
Support Planned Parenthood

Our Once-A-Month Featured 2nd Helping

logo Harry ChapinLogo Meals on WheelsCHAPS logo Once a month we have an additional opportunity to donate to a specific need. Our Social Justice Committee has voted that, at least for the duration of the pandemic, the Second Helping will be split between the three local food banks and another agency. In May, half will go to the Virginia B. Andes Free Clinic.  In June, half will go to ARAY.  Virgina B. Andes Volunteer Clinic arms raising bids for auction   Our Auction Web Site is now hosting a new type of auction – one where a percentage of the proceeds from each sale will go toward the efforts of the Social Justice Committee, in particular its outreach is known as 2nd Helping. It works like this. Let’s say you have something you want to sell. Instead of using Craigslist, eBay, or a garage sale to sell the item, you can first try to sell it using this site. If successful, a portion of the proceeds will benefit 2nd Helping. If it doesn’t sell you can still use Craigslist, or eBay, or have a garage sale. You choose what portion of the successful bid goes to 2nd Helping. For expensive items, such as a car or a set of silver, you might designate a smaller percentage of the sale to go toward 2nd Helping. For other items, you may decide to split the proceeds with 2nd Helping. Still, in other cases, you may elect to have the whole portion go to 2nd Helping. Also, think of contributing non-tangible items. We have learned from past auctions that items such as lessons or rides to the airport or some hours of yard work, are highly desirable. Read more…    

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Chalice with Fuel Our Flame Pledge Now Down load pledge formCaring Committee Spins Off NewHospitality & Social Team – An Amicable Separation
The former Caring & Hospitality Committee
has become two separate groups. Recognizing a post-Covid need for an increased focus on opportunities to be together for fun and socializing, a new Hospitality & Social Team has been created. The new team will take lead on coordinating and supporting social events, overseeing coffee hour after worship, and monitoring a new social activities google list (in creation – stay tuned).
The Caring Committee will continue to lead the Fellowship’s direct caring for individuals through calls, visits, rides, meals, and cards. The two groups will collaborate to assist with receptions following Celebrations of Life and other special events, as requested by the family and leadership.
While these two groups will coordinate the activities in their respective areas, it is expected
that the actual hands-on activities will be carried out by members and friends of the Fellowship. New ways to express your interest in both areas will be forthcoming. In the meantime, you can reach either group by emailing [address of co-chairs of caring] or [[address of co-chairs of hospitality and social] for more information or to join in.