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Living Our Values

Our Highlighted Committee

The Art Committee has been collecting creative works titled Co-Vid Art Show.  This collection includes photography, pottery, watercolor, and mixed media.
The Art Committee’s purpose is to ensure there is interesting and beautiful art on the art wall. Over the years, we have featured many exciting artists from members and friends as well as from the outside community.
But during these strange times of shutdown and isolation, we are proud to present virtual exhibits for our members and friends. Our goal is to reflect the values and principles of our UU fellowship by featuring diverse artists and works from members, friends, and the wider local artist community. Our hope is that these exhibits will uplift your spirits, inspire and challenge your mind, touch your heart, and feed your soul. Thankful to all who make our Web Page possible. TO LEARN MORE…

Our Once-A-Month Featured 2nd Helping

Once a month we have an additional opportunity to donate to a specific need. At this time of Covid-19 unemployment, the 2nd Helping will go to the Harry Chapin Food Bank, CHAPS, and Meals on Wheels.  How to Give to the 2nd Helping   We have donated thousands of dollars to these three groups.
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