UUFCC History

The Port Charlotte Fellowship was founded by 12 people in 1969. They were seeking, as many of us still are, a community where we could seek spiritual truth and work together on social justice issues. The founders met in each other’s homes and then in the Temple Shalom. 

In 1977, we purchased the property on Forrest Nelson where the present building is and a year later, hired a part-time minister, Dr. Carl Westman. The building was completed in 1984 and it was then that the name was changed to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County.  

During the 1990s the fellowship grew in membership and became large enough for full-time ministry.

The national UU organization has granted to official designations to the fellowship – in 2008 we achieved the UU designation of being a Welcoming Congregation – embracing people who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender.  We are also a Green Sanctuary – a designation we have had for three years which means we are stewards of the earth and commit to learning more and acting upon environmental justice.

We are currently a lay-led fellowship.