You may have been joining services and activities for some time or you are new to Unitarian Universalism.  Either way we invite those who are considering becoming a member to participate in The New UU Workshop.  These workshops are offered several times throughout the year. We recently had such a series. If you are interested in attending one in the future, contact the office.

Various lay leaders will share what it means to be Unitarian Universalist and interactively, tools for self-discovery to make a clear decision to formally join our congregation.

“When we become a member of a congregation, we should be asked to change our posture from guest to host, from visitor to steward. As hosts, we make sure the guests find a welcoming and nurturing spiritual community.  As lifelong seekers, we grow our own souls though our own continuous faith development.  As stewards, we offer our time and money to help sustain and grow that community.  As members we agree to serve in these roles and more, in covenant with one another and with our highest ideals.”   
Rev Michael Piazza

Session 1

1. Theology and Worship
2. Unitarian Roots
3. How We Grow In Faith

Session 2

1. Social Justice Philosophy and Practice
2. How Are Decisions Made – Governance and Polity
3. Membership