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2nd Helping Sunday

Kira-Lynn Ferderber will speak about Planned Parenthood of Southwest Florida

Surprises in the Bible

Inspired by reading the Jefferson bible led to a new perspective when looking at the King James version. Thomas Jefferson really had an interesting idea!

Speaker: Dave Martin

I Think I Will Never See

What is the symbolism inherent in earth’s treasurers such as flowers and trees? It’s just a few days past the Spring Equinox and seems like a perfect time to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us.

Speaker: Rev Amy Kindred

When a Scientist Goes to Seminary

In the grand tapestry of human experience, science and spirituality are but two threads woven together, each enriching the other and together forming a more complete picture of reality. For in the end, whether through the lens of a microscope or the lens of the … read more.

Environmental Conservancy

The work of the Environmental Conservancy of North Port and Surrounding Areas has become a model in our community for land conservancy and environmental protection. We will hear more details about this important organization.

Speaker: Edie Dreist

Is Justice Possible?

Whose justice? Justice is a complicated concept and one definition does not fit for everyone yet it is worth making the effort to achieve. A possible way forward is presented for your consideration.

Speaker: Rev Byrd Tetzlaff

This is What Justice Looks Like

UUFCC will host a presentation featuring NAACP Branch 5093-B represented by Corrine Payne from the Punta Gorda office. Their mission is to ensure the political, educational equality of minority group citizens and eliminate race prejudice. As the home of grassroots activism for civil rights and … read more.