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What Brings Delight to Daily Life

Awareness of the little things makes our world just a little brighter. What, in your life, brings you delight? This service will help you see your world in a whole different light.

Speaker: Rev Ann Parker

Summer Solstice

Celebrate this longest day of summer with a rituals which will also commemorate Father’s Day, Juneteenth, and Paul McCartney’s birthday – sounds interesting!

Speaker: Rev. Elaine “Fairie” Silver


Do you carry resentment in your heart? Perhaps we all have at some point and know that it is better to forgive than to carry that burden. One person’s experience with the fellowship will provide some lessons on the topic.

Speaker: Robert Moran

Why we do What we do

There are a lot of activities and folks who are active here at UUFCC. Several committees and groups will share what they do and why.

Speakers: Committee/group members

Flamingo Theology

Florida is the end of the road for some and the beginning for others. Despite your place on the journey, we are at the forefront of challenges with climate change, human rights, and societal unrest. What can we learn from flamingos to support us?

Speaker: … read more.

Loss Doesn’t Have to Limit Dreams

Valerie’s House is a place where children and families are helped while working through the loss of a loved one. Children meet others their age and they earn that loss doesn’t have to limit their dreams. Valerie’s House has a variety of locations in Florida, … read more.

A Man Ahead of his Time – Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine was one of the most influential revolutionary of the 18th century. He (unpopular with aristocrats) articulated many ideas of human rights including opposition to organized religion.

Speaker: Joseph Fenty

Shopping for Redemption

The myth of redemptive violence is so embedded in Western culture that we scarcely know it’s there. Let us examine this myth through the lens of the gun culture in the United States.

Speaker: Rev Janet Onnie

The Dilemma of Resistance: Lessons Learned

Resistance is essential but needs to be organized to be successful. What lessons can we all learn from a life of resistance from a baby boomer. Stories from early childhood to UUFCC.

Speaker: Stephanie Garrett

Tools for the Journey

Are you well equipped for your journey? Rev Tracie Barrett will share her wisdom on supporting us all in the journey of life.

Speaker: Rev Tracie Barrett