The Hospitality & Social Team supports the Fellowship in being a welcoming and fun community in a

number of ways. This includes:

 Coordinating coffee hour after worship on Sunday.

 Coordinating and supporting social events.

 With Caring Committee, assisting with receptions following Celebrations of Life and other

special events, as requested by the family and leadership.

 Overseeing social activities google list

While the Hospitality Committee coordinates this support, it is provided by many members of the


Committee Leader: Suzi Barbee

Hospitality Team

Chair – Suzie Barbee

Coffee Hour Coordinator – John Lee

Tech Support – Laura Liermann

Caring Committee Liaisons (and Moral Support) – Debbie Conrad & Trudy Gerhardt

Other Committee Members – Helen Sokalski, TBD

If you would like to be on one of the volunteers’ lists to help offer these activities, please contact the

Hospitality Team Chair or the Fellowship Office at: