The Minister’s Discretionary Fund is used to assist members and friends of the Congregation and members of the larger community in meeting their basic living needs (such as shelter, food, utilities, medical) and other exigencies (such as transportation, fees). Funds may be given as a loan or a gift, depending upon the person’s ability and the circumstances. The minister or Executive Board of Trustees has discretionary and confidential use of these funds within the following guidelines.

The funds in the Minister’s Discretionary Fund are to be spent:
1. a. In accordance with the mission and vision of the Church as interpreted by the Minister;
b. Only for needs and purposes in keeping with the Church’s tax-exempt status;
c. As part of the Church’s ministry to members and beyond; and
d. As deemed appropriate by the Minister or Executive Board of Trustees.

  1. Although the Church expects that the Minister or Executive Board of Trustees will exercise due diligence in making decisions about the expenditure of funds from the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, the Minister or Executive Board of Trustees has sole discretion over expenditures, with the following restrictions:
    a. Funds may not be used for the direct or indirect benefit of the minister and/or the Minister’s or Executive Board of Trustee’s families.
    b. Funds may not be used to provide compensation, benefits or gifts to staff.
    c. Funds may not be solicited for specific purposes (e.g. to support a specific person in need or to provide scholarships for a designated purpose).
    d. Funds may not be spent on any line item already covered in the Church’s operating
    budget or for standard programming for which budget coverage would normally be provided.