Art on the Wall Committee’s purpose is to ensure there is interesting and beautiful art on the art wall. Over the years, we have featured many exciting artists from members and friends as well as from the outside community.

But during these strange times of shut down and isolation, we are proud to present virtual exhibits for our members and the friends. 

Our goal is to reflect the values and principles of our UU fellowship by featuring diverse artists and works from members, friends and the wider local artist community. Our hope is that these exhibits will uplift your spirits, inspire and challenge your mind, touch your heart and feed your soul. Thankful to all who make our Web Page possible.

Art on the Wall Committee Members

Trudy Gerhardt          Committee Leader
Sharon Goding      
Cheryl Deuley        
Debbie Conrad      
Marilyn Reeve        
Sally Milne             
Tom Deuley             
Jeanette Martimo 


In the past our work was, for years, finding new and interesting artists to help us keep the UUFCC Art Wall lively with a mix of media, ideas and art.

More recently, during this COPID 19 virus shutdown we were silent with no new art since our last show in March of 2020. We had a full slate of new art on our schedule but had to cancel it all. We maintain contact with all those artists that we had lined up and will again build a schedule as soon as circumstance allow.

With no way to present art the idea of putting something together for a virtual Art Show came to our attention. The result was the Dennis Shaw Art Show, which is available on the Home Page and here below with the link to the UU YouTube site.

YouTube Art Show Productions

Tom Deuley’s one man art show

Dennis Shaw’s Art Show

Covid-19 Art show

“Past Art” Art Show first “O” is a letter, the second is a number

Scheduled Art

DateArtistMediumCase ArtMedium 2HangRecepUnhang
Dec “20
Jan “21