The Racial Justice Committee of the UUFCC separated from the Social Justice Committee five years ago in order to specifically combat the apparent rise of racism in the United States. The Committee’s charge is to counteract new and virulent attacks against all peoples of color but particularly against peoples of African heritage.

Included in the Racial Justice Committee’s activities over the years are:
  ● Supported (financially and with personnel) the mounting of the first mural in downtown Punta Gorda depicting the life of George Brown, an African heritage resident/businessman.

  ● Completed two sessions (over a three year period) of the UUA anti-racism curriculum “Building the World We Dream Of.”

  ● Conducted group reads Michele Alexander’s  “The New Jim Crow” and Debby Irving’s “Waking Up White.”

  ● Lead the defense of a local ex-felon who inadvertently took a weapon to a pawn shop for a relative and was apprehended and threatened with at a three-year prison term.

  ● Arrange annual film showings including Do the Right Thing, I Am Not Your Negro, 42, and others. This activity was co-sponsored by the Blanchard House Museum of African American History and Culture of Charlotte County.

  ● Organized the collection and performing of “Racial Monologues,” original stories from persons of color and not of color about their first or early experiences with “others.” The writings were compiled into booklets that were sold for $5.00.

  ● Arranged a vigil (60 people attended, carried, and signed petitions) against the oil drilling on First People’s land in South Dakota.

  ● Led numerous congregational discussions after it was decided to mount a “Black Lives Banner” sign.

  ● Defended an African heritage teenager called “Nigger” on the school bus and then was arrested for “yelling at the bus driver and police.” Supported that youngster during her term of house arrest.