Part-time, temporary position. $100/week. 6-7 hours/week
Position planned to continue through March 31, 2022. Will work in conjunction with lay leader Tech Advisor.


*Assist in preparing, maintaining and repairing technical equipment as needed for Fellowship operations.
*Coordinate and be responsible for tech operations for Sunday worship services and arrange for trained coverage; expectation that Tech Manager will be present for all Sundays.
*Train volunteers in accordance with the UUFCC A/V Manual for additional coverage; assist WA leadership and other lay leaders in scheduling coverage.
*Work with ministers, worship associates, music professionals, & presenters as
needed to produce a coordinated & successful presentation.
*Become competent in audio and visual operations for occasional back-up of that position.
*YouTube: Connect for Sunday service; record, maintain, edit, organize and back-up UUFCC YouTube files with others.
*Assist lay leaders, minister, & staff with technical issues in regards to audio &
video presentations.
*Assist visitors, members of the congregation, with scheduled activities and events such as Racial Monologues, ceremonies of life, guest lecturers, and committee events, as needed.
*Provide occasional unscheduled phone consults as needed.
*Maintain a respectful & cooperative working relationships with staff, ministers,
lay leaders and volunteers