• Hours: Approximately 2-6 hours per week, including:
  • Sunday service 10:30-11:45 am 
  • Sunday setup time: 9:30-10:30
  • Occasional special events & holidays as agreed upon

Starting as soon as possible all Sundays through August (Negotiable), may

renew contract pending permanent A/V Specialist search completion. Interim Specialist

will not be excluded from the search process if interested.

Salary: Negotiable, pending experience and range of hours  

Vacation: Negotiable

The Interim A/V Specialist Duties

  • Oversee and Run Live-streaming and applicable technology for Sunday services and special events
  • Work with and advise the Worship Team (Worship Associates, Minister/Speaker, Music Committee, Choir, & Board of Trustees) focusing on all audio/visual and telecommunication needs, objectives and capabilities, including anticipation of future requirements and troubleshooting potential problems
  • Support the volunteer choir during Sunday services (play provided Youtube or recorded music)
  • Arrange for coverage when not present for scheduled times (Eventually)
  • Update current manuals of technical instructions, operating procedures, and documentation for all A/V and other technical systems used if new equipment is added.
  • Coordinate volunteer training on the operation of these systems.
  • Coordinate with the office for warranty work, maintenance agreements, and timely repair of equipment for all vendor contracts covering audio/visual and telecommunications equipment.
  • Provide on-site occasional repair, reconfiguration, adjustments, and replacement of audio-visual and telecommunications equipment and supplies. Perform testing and regular preventative maintenance. Ensure appropriate security mechanisms are in place to maintain a secure environment.
  •  Adhere to the technology budget
  • Participate in occasional brief meetings with colleagues & congregants as needed, & supervisory check-ins with Board representative
  • Communicate as needed in a timely & direct manner, including using email.
  • Operate within the context of the AUU Code of Professional Conduct

Joins us in:

  • Acting with equity regarding artist copyrights
  • Seeking a diversity of styles, perspectives, and musical expressions, while being mindful of appropriation
  • Creating a welcoming, patient, and collaborative atmosphere
  • A respectful and increasing understanding of Unitarian Universalism and our congregation’s mission, structure, and policies

For more information about this position:

Go to: https://www.uufcc.org/seeking-audio-visual-specialist/

For information about this Fellowship go to: www.uufcc.org

Email: office@uufcc.org

Call: 941-627-4303


This job does not have an education qualification requirement.