June 28, 2021

During the shut down Tom Deuley has worked hard to bring us several virtual exhibits which were linked to our UUFCC website. Many thanks to Tom and the artists who made it possible. With the opening of the fellowship for small groups and services we are excited to be planning our traditional in person, summer member exhibit. We need your art work. So this is a call for art work from members and friends. It can be work previously exhibited or new works of art. It can be fiber art, photographs or any medium or mixed media. It must be ready to hang with picture wire 3″ below top of frame. We still have 2 small cases for small 3D work. 1 to 3 pieces would be welcome from each artist. Please contact Trudy Gerhardt if you have work you would like to exhibit. Receiving date and time will be announced in future weekly updates. There will not be a reception at this time. And social distancing should be observed at the wall. Thanks to all that made reopening possible.

(Initially we must view and enjoy the art exhibit from our seats until safety guidelines are established.)

Trudy Gerhardt, Co-chair

Book Group  

June 17, 2021

(Information about the issues regarding the next book group would go here .)

Mary Jane Williams, Chair

Meatless Meals  

June 17, 2021

(Meatless meals will resume as soon as the Social hall reopens.)

Nyna Sykes, Organizer