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Theater review  

June 25, 2021

Patrick Eaton brings us his first review for Chalice Connections. He plans to retire in November 2021, after 28 years working as a physical therapist assistant. This is good news for us as he will be able to begin his volunteering as an usher at Venice Theater, where Young Frankenstein and Once Upon a Mattress are scheduled. Stay tuned for future reviews. Here are his thoughts on News of the World, 2020 a movie he recently saw:

The first movie that I saw post since the pandemic was at the B & B theater in Venice.  I felt great to be out in the world experiencing entertainment on a big screen.  You can order popcorn,  drinks etc with the cashier and also pick your socially distanced seat.   I sat near the front of the theater.  Before the picture began I looked around and I was sharing  the space with 4 people   A couple in the back left and a couple in the back right.  The movie was News of the World 2020. Staring Tom Hanks and a 13 year old  German girl ( who played a  10 year old ) Helena Zengel.

Setting  in Texas 5 years post the Civil War. 

Hanks character traveled to  small isolated towns and read to locals from newspapers events that were happening  in the world.  When traveling he comes across an abandoned girl that had been taken by the Kiowa people  years ago.  I found it to be a good family movie. Great acting by both lead characters.  Don’t want to spoil any more of the story  I hope you are able to see it. Signing off for now.  Keep looking for entertainment in your life, you wonderful people out there in the dark.

Patrick Eaton

Restaurant review  

July 3, 2021

We are very lucky to have a pair of restaurant reviewers, Lisa & Allen Roberts and Nyna & Aubrey Sykes, who will be sharing the difficult assignment of finding interesting eateries in the local area. This month the Roberts tell us about tasty Thai restaurant they visited:

After reading many positive reviews on Gulf Coast Dining and Restaurant Review, Al and I decided to try Mint. Mint is a small Thai restaurant located at 209 West Olympia Ave. Punta Gorda.

The restaurant is small and not aesthetically appealing, but what it lacks in appearance, it make

s up for in taste. All the tables were full and we sat at the counter until a table became available. We had light conversation with the owner/chef’s son. He was so friendly and accommodating. For an appetizer, I enjoyed three deep fried spring rolls, average in taste. Allen had chicken wings that came with a tasty sauce. One of the top ten Asian chicken wings he has had.

For an entrée, I devoured The Cashew nut dinner and added fried tofu as a protein. The brown sauce was really delicious, vegetables done perfectly, with a moderate spice level of two. I ate the entire meal and left without a box!

Allen ate the crispy duck and said it was cooked to perfection with a delightful presentation. I highly recommend this family owned restaurant and look forward to going back to try the curry.

Book review  

June 17, 2021

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