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Walks with Fred & Dorothy  

June 21, 2021

For a nice 1.5 mile walk try the Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park. The park consists of a large tract of land centered by a pond/marsh area. There is a loop trail around this wetland which is wide, curvy and peppered with wild flowers.

The park is on 41S, 7.4 miles from Aqui Esta. If you pass the Charlotte County Zemel Road Landfill you have gone about 1/3 of a mile too far.

There is plenty of parking, one picnic table, but no facilities. From the parking area you walk in a bit and soon encounter a narrow peninsular overlooking the wet lands. If you are lucky you will see a small (at least when we were there) alligator. Half way around the 1.5 mile path there is a large sign which reads NO PUBLIC ACCESS. It is just in front of a small ditch about 8 feet wide. There is a similar sign on the other side. There used to be a small foot bridge there. Ignore the signs and keep going. The signs look rather silly, standing there staring at each other.

The path itself is quite varied, but without much protection from the sun. At this time of year it would be prudent to go quite early. It is a good running trail as it it is wide and not paved. It is a good walking trail for the birds, flowers and the chance of spotting the resident alligator patrolling the area. People with balance issues will not have a problem.

This park has become our favorite go-to place for enjoying a nice walk or run.

Fred & Dorothy Parmenter



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June 23, 2021

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