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Building & Grounds  

June 3, 2021

The UUFCC building has been essentially reset and is basically ready for when the Board of Trustees deems it appropriate to hold services.   While the UUFCC building was closed due to the pandemic, a deep cleaning was done.  Most of the rooms were in disarray.    The chancel has now been reset in the original configuration and the back bookcase has been organized to only hold sanctuary items. The bookcase with doors now houses all musical things. Tom Deuley and Cory Dowdy are installing a camera system to facilitate real-time digital broadcasting simultaneous with in-person services.   The social hall chairs and tables are again ready to host face-to-face meetings for those fully vaccinated folks. When the time is right, the kitchen is ready to host pot-luck Sundays.   The two back porch rooms have been cleaned out of obsolete items and organized to accommodate meetings such as Conversation with Friends, RE education, etc.  Many items have been donated to Charlotte Behavioral Health, Homeless Coalition and C. A. R. E.

We now have a Maker Space full of markers, paints… to aid in poster/sign design and a place for each committee (Art Committee, Climate Action Team, etc.) to store their items.  The benches are arranged around the rooms and all the windows fully reveal the beauty of nature around us (thanks to Tom D.’s hard work on the exterior).   Under the trees, the front patio continues to be a lovely place for a chat with friends or meetings. Don’t forget to take full advantage of the labyrinth.   We will be looking for some volunteers to help with some decorating projects in the future.   In short, UUFCC is ready to reopen, for anyone or any group that has been fully vaccinated. Sunday services will be held when the Board of Trustees gives its approval.

Don Liermann

July 5, 2021 Tom Deuley

For quite a long time we have Zoomed from the Sanctuary, then later went to Zooming from our homes. In the early Zooming days the Sanctuary was pretty much dark with a lot of whatever up by the Chancel to make it work.

So more recently we decided to begin to work toward bringing people back into the building, and the stuff up front just could not stay, so Cory Dowdy and Tom Deuley began to disassemble the collected items and then selectively keep things that would allow us to Zoom, send to YouTube and record our future services, all from the back of the Sanctuary.

This has required mounting the camera that was purchased for streaming up near the ceiling where it can see the Chancel and can zoom in and out on activities there. In addition, other cables had to be run so we could mount the digital projector up near the ceiling to keep it out of the way of seating and so we could project incoming Zoom speakers or anything else we want everybody in the Sanctuary to see.

As simple as this makes it all sound, just running one cable from front to back is a three-hour job working on a tall ladder with a mask on to avoid breathing fiberglass dust.

Next will be learning to use all of this newness so that it allows for a smooth return to a Sunday Service that will help us get back to being a community, much like it used to be, or even better.

Tom Deuley


July 2, 2021


After being away from each other for over a year, we deserve to have a party to celebrate the re-opening of UUFCC. The Caring and Hospitality Committee is happy to announce that the Board of Directors has given permission for us to host an opening celebration for the congregation. The event will have a New Orleans Mardi Gras theme. The date is Friday, October 22, 2021 at 7:00 PM. Please mark your calendars.

The Mardi Gras sub-committee for the Caring and Hospitality Committee has been working very hard in the preparation for this event and it has all the promise of being a great celebration. We would like to have as many people in the congregation participate in making this celebration a huge success. We will need artists, singers, musicians, comics and volunteers. There will be music and dancing. There will be a contest for the best three Mardi Gras masks painted and decorated.

There will be two painting parties held for those participating in the contest. The first will be held on Saturday, August 28, 2021 and the second on Saturday, September 25, 2021 and both parties will start at 10:00 AM and continue until the masks are painted. We are requesting that all those who want to participate in this painting party bring your own lunch or snack and something to drink.

We are encouraging all participants to bring anything they may have such as feathers, plumes, old jewelry, etc. that they may want to decorate their masks with. You may want to enter more than one mask. We will be rewarding gift certificates for first, second and third place. First place will be a $25.00 gift certificate, second place a $15.00 gift certificate and third place a $10.00 one. Lorrie Budlong has volunteered to be on hand at both parties as our decorating director should assistance be needed.

Please contact the sub-committee members to let them know you will participate in the mask painting contest. Let them know how many masks you want to paint and which of the parties you want to attend. You can attend both parties. The members are: Debbie Conrad  ,  Lorrie Budlong  ,  Roxann Luning  and  Helen Sokalski.

The subcommittee will have more meetings as time goes on and updates will be given. We want to have “all hands on deck” to make this celebration an event we can be proud of and remember for a long time. This event will not only celebrate the re-opening of our congregation but will also celebrate our coming back together after being separated for such a long time because of the pandemic. So we want all to enjoy the party. We do not want any volunteer to feel they are “working” the event.

Invitations will be emailed inviting all members and friends to attend the celebration. Those individuals attending will be the people that will vote for the best masks painted. All entries will be numbered so those judging will have no knowledge of who painted which masks.

Please contact the members of the subcommittee and let them know you want to help and/or donate something to help make this celebration be everything it can be. More information on what we will need to have donated will be announced at a later date.