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Board of Trustees  

June 17, 2021

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June 21, 2021

Over a year ago, UUFCC Board of Trustees formed a Bylaws Committee to amend UUFCC Bylaws.  Initial UUFCC Bylaws were created over 20 years ago.  Over the years, only minor amendments to a section here and there were made, nothing major.  Current Bylaws still contain the original mission statement which differs from the mission statement UUFCC uses today.  For these and other reasons, the Board felt it was time to review the Bylaws in their entirety, make them consistent with who we are today, bring them up to date.  To do so, the Board established a Bylaws Committee consisting of three Board members and two UUFCC members at large.  A call for volunteers went out, members responded and the Committee was formed.  It consists of:

Laura Anderson (who is currently simultaneously chairing UUFCC PPM Committee)
Stephanie Garrett (former UUFCC president who worked on UUFCC Bylaws at least three previous times)
Herb Levin (current UUFCC Board Secretary)
MaryLou Proudfoot Kennedy (who has previously worked on UUFCC Bylaws)
Nancy Weaver (current UUFCC Board Treasurer)
Lorrie Douglas (current UUFCC Board President serving as ex officio Committee member per Bylaws)

Bylaws define the basic framework for the Fellowship’s operations.  Bylaws should match the Fellowship’s current needs.  Bylaws tend to be broad.  In other words, viewing the UUFCC Articles of Incorporation as UUFCC’s Constitution, Bylaws would be its federal laws, and a Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) its state laws.  As such, Bylaws are the broadest set of rules that allow the Board to make decisions.  Bylaws contain a mission or purpose statement, membership qualifications, and governance structures.  Bylaws are not a list of all the policies and procedures of the Board and the Fellowship:  that’s for a separate Policies and Procedures Manual (which, yes, UUFCC has and which, yes, the Board is also having updated).

It is with these thoughts in mind that the Bylaws Committee has been meeting monthly, working diligently, going through UUFCC’s current Bylaws amendment by amendment, researching and reading UUA how-to-write-bylaws books and articles, watching webinars, comparing and contrasting sample UUA Bylaws as well as actual Bylaws of other UUs in Florida and other states (and even a Canadian UU), and contemplating our own specific needs.  The Bylaws Committee is working to ensure UUFCC Bylaws do not conflict with PPM (or with our Articles of Incorporation) and vice versa.  Some work involves just cleaning up the Bylaws to make them more user-friendly and ensure consistency throughout.  It’s been quite the task but this Committee has been quite the committee and clearly up to the challenge.  

The Bylaws Committee is approximately three-quarters of the way through the Bylaws.  Per UUFCC Bylaws, proposed amendments must be approved by the Board.  Once the Committee has finished going through the Bylaws in their entirety, the Committee plans to have a final run-through before presenting Proposed Amended Bylaws to the Board (hopefully, in about four more months).

Per UUFCC Bylaws, once approved by the Board, Proposed Amended Bylaws must be presented to the Fellowship for congregational vote.  Pursuant to UUFCC Bylaws, the Fellowship would receive notice of that congregational meeting along with the actual Proposed Amended Bylaws.  Fellowship would receive a copy of current Bylaws showing proposed deletions via strike-throughs and showing proposed additions via highlighted text.  Rationale for proposed changes would be provided with the Proposed Amended Bylaws. 

In the last year, UUFCC’s website has greatly changed.  If you haven’t looked, do:  it’s new and improved and awesome!  Ideas being discussed include members having website access to documents such as UUFCC Bylaws, UUFCC PPM and our Covenant.

For the times they are a-changin’.  –Bob Dylan

MaryLou Proudfoot Kennedy, Chair


June 17, 2021

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Lynn Richie, Chair

Worship Team  

June 9, 2021

On Sunday mornings we gather. We gather for many reasons – but certainly we gather to worship. We worship together even when we have different beliefs. We have differing words for what is sacred to us. We worship for different reasons.

You know there is a group of UUFCC folks who work together to put on a service on Sunday mornings. We have folks who provide music; techie folks who coordinate the computer and sound system; and folks who plan each part of the service – the worship associates. These three groups of people form the worship team.

The worship associates recently met and agreed we like services that are interesting, relevant, and spiritual. We try to balance the six sources of our living tradition and our seven principles. We have chosen four focus areas which we hope will provide topics of interest: social justice, spiritual, UU (especially history), and environmental. We agreed we have a fifth area – other – just in case we have a bright idea that doesn’t fit in our categories. Besides the topics, we look at secular and religious holidays (both in the US and internationally). We also try to include commemorative months and month-long observances.

This month, June is LGBT Pride month. June 20 is Father’s Day – and it falls on a Sunday. We are planning a group of speakers in a service that will be a celebration of both Gay Pride and Father’s Day. panel of several folks who are fathers, have/had fathers, are grandfathers, have/had grandfathers.

June 27 is the last day of the annual General Assembly and the largest gathering of UUs in worship (last year 10,000 of us connected). It is being held virtually this year and will be streamed on Sunday morning. We at UUFCC will start our service at 10:30 as usual and then join the GA service. This service is as good as it gets. The best of worship is exemplified in this time as we have excellent music, smooth streaming, and speakers who are interesting, topics that are relevant, and words that invoke the best of who we are and leave us with a satisfied spirit.

Let us know how we are doing. Let us know what you like and don’t. Let us know if you have an idea for a service. Let us know if you are willing to speak. And do know that there are many people working in love to put on excellent Sunday services at UUFCC.

Laura Anderson, Co-chair


June 15, 2021

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Stephanie Garrett & Lori Bell (no photo)

Caring & Hospitality  

June 17, 2021

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Helen Sokalski, Chair