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Immigration Justice  

June 9, 2021

The Immigration Justice Committee had an idea to raise some money. We would sell yard signs. We did so a few years ago..there’s one in front of the Fellowship. Betty B spotted one she liked and contacted the company selling them. She ordered 100 of them – at $5 each. The sale didn’t really work out but I thought we could create our own so I did.

For months, years really, I’ve felt diminished. I love my country but our country has become more divided and it seems like it is more acceptable and easier to be hateful. I’ve never been good with conflict. I am a Humanist and think the best of people.

We had the signs printed locally and had them earlier in the Spring when the Immigrant Quilt was on display in Punta Gorda. We have sold about half of them as far as I know. I bought a few. I put up two in my front yard on a Tuesday. On Wednesday, the neighbor across the street asked what the sign meant and I went into a spiel about how I was tired of people arguing instead of trying to solve problems. He said he agreed and I asked if he wanted a sign for his yard. Later in the day, another neighbor asked me about it and then the next day, a third. There are now Hate is Not Welcome Here in the yards of my three, Trump supporting, Republican neighbors. A week later, we needed some repairs done at the house and the guy who came to work on the house asked me where I got the sign so he got the spiel too and he asked if he could buy one. I gave him one too. He said, “You could make a fortune on these. I live between a church and an elementary school and so many people will see it and so many people need this message right now.”

Maybe you would like one in your yard or a few to share with your neighbors or others who might need this message. The signs are at the Fellowship. They cost $10 each and the money goes to support immigrant justice.

Laura Anderson

Anti-racist Team  

June 17, 2021

(The anti-racist team’s status and mission are as yet undetermined and the members will probably not meet as a group until early fall .)

Ted Zawistowski, tenative contact

Social Justice  

June 17, 2021

What is social justice? According to the old standby, the Oxford Dictionary, it is “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society.” Perfect for something a committee from UUFCC might undertake. The Social Justice Committee of UUFCC has, to the best of its abilities, attempted to do this.

It is important to note firstly that our SJC is your SJC. That is to say, all members and friends are welcome, and those present at a meeting immediately assume the rights and responsibilities that come with approving all undertakings.

The SJC’s chair has the responsibilities of creating an agenda for each meeting, which is conducted in the most democratic fashion conceivable. Member input is liberally solicited.  The vice-chair assures continuity in the chair’s absence, and the secretary assures a record of all actions of the SJC.

Some of our activities were altered with the coming of the pandemic. Others have remained status quo. Examples follow.

The SJC identified early-on in the pandemic the need to assure food for our community. Unemployment and family instability brought this to the forefront. Thus all of our previous recipients of financial assistance through the Second Helping Campaigns were put on hold, and we concentrated on nutrition and distribution. We continue until further notice to direct our monetary support to Harry Chapin Food bank, C.H.A.P.S., and Meals on Wheels, to offer a broad effort to feeding various elements of our community. The generosity of our Fellowship in this effort has been, and continues to be, remarkable.

SJC feels that a well-informed Fellowship leads to greater understanding and support of the various elements of our community. And so, the Peace Initiative Speaker Series annually brings individuals forth to strengthen our understanding of diverse aspects of our society. Stay tuned for future presentations.

Many of our activities are proactive, but we also react to what our community brings forth, and are often focused on the item in the agenda labeled “Other”. That is to say, we respond to events of all types that catch our eye and seem to relate to Social Justice. Great conversation and the exchange of ideas is where this leads to, often culminating in a “to-do” list leading to the next meeting.

I really look forward to every second Sunday at noon, appreciating the opportunity to join with folks who are eager to be supportive of the concept of Social Justice. We hope that you will attend a meeting in the near future. Check the UUFCC calendar for the sign-on.

Herb Levin, Chairman