Caring and Hospitality: In our monthly meetings we discuss anyone we know who is in need of assistance.  The Reverend or any one of the members may have heard about someone who fell or went to the hospital so we discuss what they might need and then assign individuals to do a task, such as write a card, go see them in the hospital or rehab facility or just give them a call.

The Hospitality portion of the committee (some people just want caring and others just want to do hospitality events) is where we discuss dates for events such as a Celebration of Life and then decide what type of affair it will be with the guidance of the Minister and the family.

They may want it catered and will pay for the food or we will provide sandwiches and sides or just dessert.  We also provide flowers for the tables and any decorations that may be needed if it is a birthday or shower.  Our committee is also in charge of getting everything set up ahead of the event and clean up afterwards.
  ● Visitations or phone calls to those who are in the hospital, at home or in a rehab facility.

  ● Providing food or getting groceries for someone who is housebound and unable to go to the store.

  ● Providing food and/or flowers and decorations for Celebrations of Life, marriages or baby/wedding showers.

  ● Sending cards to anyone who is celebrating a birthday, is in the hospital or just needs to know we are thinking of them.