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August 7, 2021

Chalice Connections hopes to continue its mission this month of presenting timely articles and views of our Fellowship authored by a wide a range of our friends and members. The winner of last month’s cartoon was Cheryl Deuley who submitted the following caption:

Tom, don’t you have anything to do?

Aug 13 – Late announcement – Racial Justice Calls

Our UUFCC has had an active program for many years in which to learn about racial issues and to address them as best we can. Some classes and learning experiences have run for weeks, others for months, even years. We have also tried to reach out and work together with various other groups in our community. Such activities have been conducted at times by our Racial Justice Committee, our Social Justice Committee, most recently by our Immigration Justice Committee, and by special groups organized for a given purpose. Whether as groups or individually, we have had occasions to take some satisfaction and even pride in our efforts and achievements.

Nevertheless, in recent times we have unexpectedly hit what might be described as a big pothole for which we were not prepared at all. Our forward progress has been badly knocked out of alignment. We can choose to lament our losses, walk away, or we can pick ourselves up and try to start over. In any case, racial issues remain to be learned about and to be addressed. They will not simply go away. Racial justice remains to be achieved. It continues to call for action.

Over the years, some of our members have taken part in all or most of these efforts. Others, seldom or never. Once again, we are being called to take up the challenge.

All persons of good will are invited to come together via Zoom on Thursday, Aug. 26, at 4 pm to yet again seek to find our way forward. Click here to join. It will not be any easier.

Ted Zawistowski


An appeal from the editor:

Would you like to tell a short story, or add a bit of humor to Chalice Connections? Let me know and I’ll contact you and make a recording of your contribution and post it in our Surprise section. Would you like me to interview someone? Let me know. Live sound can help make our newsletter come alive.

If you have visited a restaurant you like, drop me a note. Seen an interesting movie recently? Let me know. Such contributions do not have to be long or elaborate. They could be just a few sentences.

Longer articles, and Letters to the Editor, are welcome as well. Whatever your contribution may be please email it to me by Sep 1. A new newsletter will be posted on the first Saturday of each month, but updates will occur during the month.

And remember to submit your idea for a caption to this month’s cartoon and possibly win a free ticket to this year’s auction banquet.

Fred Parmenter, Editor