The Officers and Trustees shall constitute the

Board of Trustees

of the Fellowship, and must have been members of the Fellowship for at least one continuous year.

The Board shall Develop such policies and organizational structure as required to
conduct the ordinary business of the Fellowship and shall have them
recorded in a written manual in cooperation with the Minister and
committee heads.


Dennis G Shaw, President

UUFCC member since October 2010
UU for 43 yrs.
Leadership Roles at UUFCC
    President, Board of Trustees
    Grounds Crew, leader, Worship Committee, member, Choir, member,
     Maintenance Crew, memberChildren’s Religious Education
    Committee, member

I am passionate about my UU faith and am grateful for the  challenges, celebrations,
and relationships I experience at UUFCC.
We are a community that is guided by our weekly affirmation:
“Love is the spirit of this Fellowship, and service is its law.  This is our aspiration:
to dwell together in peace, to seek truth in love, and to help one another.

Don Liermann, Vice President of The Board of Trustees

UUFCC member since 2011, married to Laura since 1986, we have
five children scattered all over the place, and three grand children.
Special Projects Manager
Oversees Maintenance Projects
Choir Member


Herb Levin, Member, Board Secretary

Nancy A. Weaver, Treasurer, Board of Trustees

UUFCC member since 11-16
Recently moved to the area from Colorado

Leadership Roles at UUFCC
    Children’s Religious Education Committee member

I love this Fellowship, and grateful to have found a place where I can
continue my journey for spiritual growth, engage in a warm and loving
community and seek truth and justice.   


Alice Clattenburg, Member, Board of Trustees

Alice Clattenburg has been a UU for over 25 years, serving on various
committees throughout the years.  At UUFCC, she has served on the
Welcome Team, Stewardship Committee, Bylaws Committee, Yard Sale
Committee and currently on the Fair Committee.

In my many years as a UU, I have never felt as comfortable and as
welcomed in a congregation as I am at UUFCC.  I feel we have a
unique bond of friendships here.

Mary Lou Proudfoot Kennedy, Member, Board

Marion Menna, Member, Board of Trustees

Board of trustee member - appr. 6 months
UU for too many years to count
Started a writing group
Attended book dub meetings
Worship Assoc. member more than one year


Gudrun F. Matthaus, Member, Board of Trustees

UUFCC member since 2009
Unitarian Universalist for nine years
Leadership Roles at UUFCC
Member of the Board since 2018
Member of Social Justice Committee
Member of Committee on Shared Ministry


Helen Sokalski, Member, Board of Trustees

Leadership roles at UUFCC:
Member of Social Justice Committee
Member of Caring & Hospitality Committee
Member of Meditation & Buddhist Discussion Group
Member of Nominating Committee
Member of Search Committee for New Minister June 2019                                                                                                                       I have been a UUFCC member since April 2015.  I am grateful for finding UUFCC for
my spiritual home and to be involved with a kind and loving community.